Stearns Homestead

Sponsor an Animal

Sponsor an Animal

Stearns Homestead is home to over 75 animals, including poultry, horses, goats, and more.  While many of our animals are permanent residents, the forty-eight acre farm is an operational farm, raising some livestock for market and products for sale. In order for our animal residents to enjoy their homes, they rely on kind friends, members, volunteers and visitors for support. This includes those who sponsor a farm animal or provide a sponsorship as a gift.

For a small  fee anyone can sponsor one, or more, of their farm favorites for a full year.  Sponsors will receive a certificate of sponsorship and a photo of their sponsored animal.  During the year Stearns Homestead will host a sponsor appreciation day to visit with your farm friend(s) on a personal level.  Of course, you are always welcome to stop by more often and visit your sponsored animal.

Annual sponsorship for each animal:

  • Rabbits  $20.00   – bunny barn  $125.00
  • Ducks  $20.00  – flock of ducks  $45.00
  • Red Burbon Heritage Turkeys  $20.00
  • Chickens  $20.00  –  hen house $65.00
  • Goose  – gaggle of geese $40.00
  • Cats  $20.00   –    cat club $50.00
  • Sheep  $25.00   
  • Goats  $25.00   –   goat herd  $150.00
  • Equine  $45.00  –  herd of horses  $350.00

Download the sponsorship form

*note: the sponsor form is as current as possible – some animals may be listed but no longer with us for a variety of reasons