Stearns Homestead

grey cat

Our Animals

Our Animals

Over 75  farm animals reside at the Homestead, not including all the wild ducks and geese that fly in and out. All of our animals are fed a special diet of grain and hay.  Occasional treats may include apples or carrots. We ask that our farm animals are fed with only the food that we sell – many are on strict diets because of their age. 

Also, the sale of our feed cups insures that we can purchase the grain and hay needed for our animals so they are able to remain on the farm.  Feed is sold in front of the Yankee barn for $1.00 and a $5.00 family size bucket. In the spring we purchase hogs and turkeys to raise and will be sold at market to support the farm. Here are some of the animals you might meet on a visit to the farm

brown goat
brown bunny


We have a rabbit house with 18 rabbits of many different breeds, including one from France – a Champagne DeArgent’, a Jersey Wooly, a Fuzzy Lop, and Dutch and Lop ears.

yellow ducklings


Our breeds of domestic ducks include pekins, blue swedish, white Crested that look like they have wigs on the top of their heads,  Muscovy and the Silver Welsh Harlequin

black rooster


We have a chicken coop with 27 hens.  One breed we feature is the Buckeye chicken, so named because they are the color of the Buckeye nut. This is the only breed developed by a woman and in the state of Ohio. We also have a  Chinese Silkie Chicken and a Sultan Rooster, and a Polish rooster and hen.

brown turkey


Romeo and Juliet are heritage turkeys, Kentucky Red Bourbons ,  and one of their offspring, Maddie was hatched in July 2009. Market turkeys arrive in late June or early July to be raised and harvested in time for Thanksgiving.  Orders can be placed starting in September for your turkey feast.


Five cats call  the homestead their home.  They are very friendly, not your typical barn cat, but do their job of keeping the mouse population in control at the farm.

grey and white cat


Five sheep, three different breeds, live at the homestead and are usually shorn in late spring or early summer.   The three brown sheep, Billy, AnnMarie and Cocoa were born in April 2011 and 2012.

black sheep


Our goat breeds include pygmy, Nubian and Toggenburg.. Toggenburgs are Swiss dairy goats, the largest goat breed.

two brown goats and a sheeo

Potbelly Pigs

Three Vietnamese pot bellied pigs reside at the homestead. Chubbs appeared on the Robin Swoboda show “Thats Life” in 2014 when they visited the farm.  Pigs are very smart and can be trained to do many things that dogs can- their motto is: we work for food.

black pig


The homestead is home to several horses, a miniature horse, five ponies,  and a miniature donkey.

brown horses