Stearns Homestead

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Historical Society

Historical Society

The Parma Area Historical Society (PAHS) is the management organization of Parma’s historic farm, Stearns Homestead, 48-acres of farm and greenspace located on Ridge Road in Parma.

The Board of Directors is seven members, all elected by the membership at the PAHS annual meeting held in April each year.

Current board members are: Ruth Fay-President, Renee Schapel-Vice President, Lisa Schumann-Secretary, Anita Cook-Treasurer, Alyssa Bower-Trustee & 4H Advisor, Patricia Nickols-Trustee & Museum Curator, Dan Valensky-Trustee & Market Gardener

Parma Area Historical Society
Mission Statement:
– To bring together whose
people interested in the
history of Parma;
– To perpetuate the memory
of the pioneers of Parma and
its early settler
– To collect, preserve, and
attractively display historical
information and to
disseminate this historical
– To educate and provide
accurate knowledge of
agricultural practices and to
preserve and maintain Stearns
Homestead as a working farm.