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Heartfelt Words by Drew

Heartfelt Words by Drew

November 12, 2020

Everyone needs that special someone. The one you can talk to, the one you trust, the one that keeps you calm in this crazy world. I found that someone, or should I say that special goat almost 9 years ago. Daydream has been my 4H project for almost half my life. She and I have a bond like no other animal in my life. Not only is she my project animal and I get to show her and learn about dairy goats, but she is my life. She is my friend, my confidant and when my ADHD gets out of control, my calm in the storm. I have welded her picture and I have her on my shoes.

But on Nov.1,2020 our world changed. Some evil person or people changed my life and hers. My confidant was attacked. Hurt so much she has trouble laying down and recieved many stitches. Daydream has lost her trust in people and is afraid to leave her house. She shakes in the corner and gets a frightened look in her eyes when she hears the metal gate open.

Our relationship has changed, I am now her calm in this evil world. I now am the one to lay beside her and try to listen to what she is telling me. As I had to learn to trust a goat that was once my size, now Daydream must begin to start her trust in people again. Slowly we are making our way out the door…slowly and together. We will both need time to heal from this attack. But I believe that with each other we will overcome.



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