What to See and Do

Stearns Homestead is a family-friendly place for kids of all ages.

When you visit on weekends, make time to take a self-guided tour of the two houses at the homestead. The houses are museums, furnished in the period style they were occupied.  The Stearns House, built in the 1850’s and the Gibbs House, built in the early 1900’s  are furnished with original antiques.

Take a peek inside the Yankee-Style barn, built in the 1800’s.  The beams speak to the engineering skills of the early settlers and still serves as a home for many of the animals that reside at the homestead.

A walk around the pond out back of the barnyard offers a quiet, peaceful place to watch ducks swim, turtles sun themselves and hear frogs croak.

Sit a spell on the benches just past the cabin  and under the shade of the big oaks, overlooking the horse pasture.

Animal feed is sold on weekends – only animal feed sold at the homestead is allowed to be given to the farm animals.

Take a look at our listing of special events.

We hope you will visit soon!


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