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The Stearns Post

Issue 1 Written by Genevieve May 12, 2023 Hello and welcome to the first installment of The Stearns Post. This is a newly created project that will feature an animal each post, and will include any recent updates about the farm. The first featured animal is… Pete the African Pygmy Goat. Pete is one of […]

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Heartfelt Words by Drew

Everyone needs that special someone. The one you can talk to, the one you trust, the one that keeps you calm in this crazy world. I found that someone, or should I say that special goat almost 9 years ago. Daydream has been my 4H project for almost half my life. She and I have […]

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What Is an Omnivore? Herbivore? Carnivore?

Omnivore: An omnivore is an animal that can eat all types of foods (like raccoons). They can eat plants and meat. You can remember what an omnivore is by thinking of the ‘O’ as a big circle mouth ready to eat anything that comes near it! Herbivore: Some animals are herbivores (like horses), and a herbivore only […]

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Exciting Announcement! New Farm Friends

Hello to all of our lovely visitors! We are so excited to announce that some new animal friends have become part of our furry family. We have 3 new goats! They are fainting goats, and their names are Pancake (pictured above), Phantom and Phoenix (pictured at the bottom) Pancake is a male fainting goat. He […]

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