Adopt an Animal

Stearns Homestead is home to over 75 animals, including poultry, horses, goats, and more. The forty-eight acre farm is an operational farm, raising livestock for market and products for sale. Visitors are encouraged to interact, feed and learn about our livestock on a regular basis.

In order for our animal residents to enjoy their homes, they rely on kind friends, members, volunteers and visitors for support. This includes proud “parents” who adopt a special farm friend.

For a small fee anyone can adopt one, or more, of their farm favorites for a full year. New parents will receive a certificate of adoption that includes a photo of their adopted animal.  During the year Stearns Homestead will host a special appreciation day. At this event parents will have the opportunity to interact with their farm friends on a personal level.  Of course you are welcome to visit your farm friend anytime.

Rabbits – $10.00

Ducks – $10.00

Turkeys – $10.00

Chickens – $10.00

Cats – $10.00

Sheep – $15.00

Potbellie Pigs – $15.00

Goats – $15.00

Equine – $25.00


Hello there!

Frolicking in the barnyard.