Welcome to Stearns Farm

Come spend an afternoon at Stearns Homestead, the last working, educational farm in Parma, Ohio. This forty eight acre farm has lots of animals – always a favorite with the children – as well as several historic museum houses and a Yankee barn, loaded with antiques and historic items.

We also have a country store and a Farmers Market throughout the summer and fall, where you can purchase homestead and locally grown produce, products made from goat’s milk, local honey, baked goods and much more. Be sure to come early; our farm fresh eggs go quickly!

So, whether you’re a history buff, a teacher, parent or grandparent looking for a kid friendly fun and educational activity, come experience a slice of old fashioned farm life.

Stearns Homestead is FREE!

Hours open to the public:

You can contact us by e-mail at This e-mail address is checked at least every other day.


56 thoughts on “Welcome to Stearns Farm”

  1. Sorry we have been off line for awhile and haven’t been able to access this page.
    Weekday group tours are available – groups of 10 or more.
    Or you can stop by and visit if the farm animals are out – no food for the animals please!


  2. Sorry its taken awhile to respond – we haven’t been able to access this page for a bit.
    YES -we have bees and beehives and a beekeeper that manages the bees.
    Reach out via email if still interested and we can put you in touch with our beekeeper.


  3. I live in Parma hits 9 years and never known about Stearns Farm but learned from a wonderful friend how close it is to my home..I’m visiting quite often now and absolutely love the animals and especially the pond with all those wild but tame geese,,,I fell in love with one inpaticulor who is unable to keep his balance and walks with wobbly feet,,So precious and blessed from God…

  4. Hello i have three ducks that we got on April for easter for the grandkids. I love in the city and can not keep them. Do you take ducks for the Stearns Farm . I just can mot let them loose. Please let me know. If you do not take them let me know of you know of anyplace that would.

  5. Sorry…we do not check our comments often enough obviously… but can tell you that our duck flock is at capacity and hope you were able to find your ducks a new home. I would check with your community animal control office to see if they have any suggestions on placement for the ducks. We wish you good luck in finding them a home.

  6. If anyone wanted to come visit do you have to come in large group or are you allowed to come any day at certain hours?

  7. Hi Tammy –
    We are technically only open on weekends from 12 – 4 pm, however we know we have lots of people that stop by on a nice day and visit with the farm animals that are out. We do ask that you not bring any food for the animals as many are on specific diets. Hope that answers your question.

  8. How late in the year are you open? Planning a trip to Cleveland October 13th and would love to bring the kids by!

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