Welcome to Stearns Farm

Come spend an afternoon at Stearns Homestead, the last working, educational farm in Parma, Ohio. This forty eight acre farm has lots of animals – always a favorite with the children – as well as several historic museum houses and a Yankee barn, loaded with antiques and historic items.

We also have a country store and a farmers market throughout the summer and fall, where you can purchase homestead and locally grown produce,  local honey, baked goods and much more. Be sure to come early; our farm fresh eggs go quickly!

So, whether you’re a history buff, a teacher, parent or grandparent looking for a kid friendly fun and educational activity, come experience a slice of old fashioned farm life.

Stearns Homestead is FREE!

Hours open to the public:

  • Saturday 11 am – 3 pm and Sunday 1 pm- 4 p.m.,
  • May through Mid-October
  • Special events.
  • Farm tour available to group/schools – advance reservation required¬† $ – email StearnsHomestead@gmail.com for more information
  • Contact us for cabin rental available dates

You can contact us by e-mail at StearnsHomestead@gmail.com. This e-mail address is checked at least every other day.


36 thoughts on “Welcome to Stearns Farm”

  1. Sorry we were delayed in our response.
    We do not have room for any additional bunnies at this time.
    We hope you can find it a new home elsewhere.

  2. Greetings. I am an ex-Parma-ite currently living in North Ontario Canada. My parents lived a few blocks from the Stearns Homestead, and I have wonderful memories of being at your farm. I even helped with some painting back in the 1970s.
    Unfortunately my brother passed back in 1992, and simply being around the farm and the animals was a great source of solace to me. Nothing like nature to quiet the soul while building the strength to carry on.
    I am delighted to find that the farm is still going strong, and I simply wanted to thank you all for all your efforts to continuing into the future.
    Good luck with your April 7 event….I’d give anything to be there with you.
    Thanks again for your time, hard work, and consideration.

  3. Hi My name is Mary – we have been there with the grand kids last year – they absolutely loved the farm & the animals – last weekend they asked me if “they can go see the animals” lolol – i”m glad they will have memories of Grandma & Papa taking them to your farm! we are coming out tomorrow! also – some time ago my niece “rehomed” her potbelly pig – Mr. Chubs – is he still there??? i totally forgot he was there so i didn’t ask last year

  4. In late August I will be going off to college. I have an Easter egger hen (will eventually lay colored but edible eggs) that is 1 week old right now, so by then she will be about 3 months old. She is healthy and I will take good care of her until then, but would you guys have an opening for a hen then?

  5. I’m in the program 4h and you get to do so many fun activities. If you join you can pick from bunnies, sheep/goats, chicken and ducks. You would pick from one of those animals that would be your project that you would present to people and judges. If you are to busy to do our 4h you can come to the farm and adopt a animal you can’t take it home you just can come visit and see the animal you adopted. we will be happy if you came to sterns homestead please come soon.

  6. we are open Saturday 11 to 3 and Sunday 12 to 4 we hope you will come to visit us stearns homestead. Come visit soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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