Welcome to Stearns Farm

Come spend an afternoon at Stearns Homestead, the last working, educational farm in Parma, Ohio. This forty eight acre farm has lots of animals – always a favorite with the children – as well as several historic museum houses and a Yankee barn, loaded with antiques and historic items.

We also have a country store and a Farmers Market throughout the summer and fall, where you can purchase homestead and locally grown produce, products made from goat’s milk, local honey, baked goods and much more. Be sure to come early; our farm fresh eggs go quickly!

So, whether you’re a history buff, a teacher, parent or grandparent looking for a kid friendly fun and educational activity, come experience a slice of old fashioned farm life.

Stearns Homestead is FREE!

Hours open to the public:

You can contact us by e-mail at This e-mail address is checked at least every other day.


43 thoughts on “Welcome to Stearns Farm”

  1. We love the farm!! We have taken our grandchildren there and
    they were able to get up close to the animals and feed them. Precious! We have adopted 2 of the animals:) For those of us who crave life on a farm, this is heaven.

  2. I knew about this farm yrs. and yrs. ago but never was able to visit. I have kids that will love to come there and see the animals and farm. Planning on coming this weekend. I am looking forward to the locally grown veggies and honey!

  3. Hi Nidia –
    Thanks for your inquiry about bringing pets to the farm.
    We do not allow dogs or cats (or any other pets) to visit the farm and ask that you comply with that rule.
    While yours might be well-behaved, if we allow one, we must allow all and we cannot take the change that one’s dog might go after our ducks, chickens or possibly larger farm animals.
    I hope you understand and we hope you will visit anyway.

  4. We are sincerely grateful and appreciative of all the wonderful people who volunteer their time at the homestead, who drop off needed supplies and food items for the cats and other farm animals, those who ‘adopt’ one of our farm animals and or make cash donations and those who visit the homestead and farm animals. It has been an exciting year of improvements at Stearns and we can’t say enough times how thankful we are for those who helped make it happen! We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year…. and we look forward to seeing all of our farm visitors in the Spring!

    Parma Area Historical Society Board of Trustees

  5. I am interested in becoming a vendor.I make 24 different flavors of Homemade jams and jelly. Would like to hear back from you. Thank you. Jeanetta Anderson.

    Thanks for your inquiry – your request was forwarded to our farm market manager, Debbie

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