Improvements almost completed

Over the years, the buildup of mud, manure, hay and straw has taken its toll on the back paddock, also known as a horse turnout.

The homestead was fortunate to receive a grant to help correct the situation and work is underway to regain the natural slope of the turnout and create a more solid base in front of the horse stalls; better for the horses and easier for the volunteers to navigate wheelbarrows and at feeding time.


Also, getting ready for opening day, volunteer Jim recently rebuilt the ramp to the Country Store to make it accessible for all visitors to the Homestead.



It’s an ongoing venture, keeping up with all the chores that need to be done at the Homestead, but we are fortunate to have great volunteers, who have the knowledge and are willing and able  to get things done.


Stearns farmers market opens June 24

The farmers market at Stearns Homestead is back for another year.

Every Saturday morning local farmers and other vendors set up in the front pasture just south of the Stearns house with fresh produce, and various other homemade or handcrafted products.

The homestead will also offer farm fresh eggs, honey and herbs for sale at the Stearns tent at the market.

Each week, more produce and other products will be made available as the season progresses.

Market hours are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Our Volunteers Rock!

Stearns Homestead is managed by the Parma Area Historical Society with an all-volunteer crew of farmhands that provide daily feed, water and care for our farm animals, help with never-ending farm repairs, move the always-heaped manure pile and a variety of other tasks that are always in need of doing.  In addition, we have volunteers who help in the two museum houses with tours and setting up displays, in the country store as store clerks and help out on weekends at the feed table and at special event activities.

Our volunteers are the best!

We can never say thank you enough times for all they do, sharing their time and talent to make Stearns Homestead a great place to visit and a comfortable home for the farm animals that reside here.



Stearns Homestead is open to the public free-of-charge every Saturday and Sunday, starting May 21 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.   Weather permitting, the farm animals may be out and barn feed table may be open prior to opening day.

Special events are planned throughout the season.  We hope you will make plans to join us for one or all of our events:

May 21 – Opening Day*   Farm, barnyard, Gibbs House museum and Country Store will be open and ready for visitors.

June 10 – Flag Retirement Ceremony*  – 1:00 pm – presented by local boy scout troop.  Bring your own chair.  (worn or torn flags may be dropped of prior to the event – please put them on the Gibbs porch)

June 24 – Farm Market opens    9 am – 1 pm  (every Saturday in the front pasture)

June 25 – Ice Cream Social   12 – 3 pm   in the homestead cabin  $

July 15-16 – Pioneer Days*       Family fun experiencing what farm life was like when the Stearns family settled in Parma in the 1800’s.

August 19 & 20 – Rummage Sale      Saturday 10 am – 4 pm,  Sunday 12 – 3 pm.    We will take usable items you donate starting August 1  – all proceeds are used to feed and care for the farm animals.  No clothing or electronics please.

September 9 &10 –  Farm City Days*  family fun day at the farm

October 1 – Animal Blessing   1:00 pm

October 7 & 8 – Fall Festival*   pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, bakery, fall food favorites, family fun activities.

November 5 – Adoptive Parents’ Day

December 2 & 3  – Christmas at the Farm*


All events are from 12:00 – 4:00 pm unless otherwise noted                        * People food available





Farm Market News

Stearns Farm Market will open Saturday, June 24, 2017 in the front pasture from 9 am – 1 pm.

The market will feature locally grown fruits and vegetables, local maple syrup and honey and our own farm-fresh eggs, courtesy of our wonderful hens.

This coming season you will find heirloom grown produce from our farm that is directly related to Parma and to Ohio agriculture history.

Stop by, pull up a chair awhile and visit with Debbie, our market manager, who will be on hand to answer gardening questions.

If you are an interested vendor, give Debbie a call (440) 882-6234

farm market

February Storm Damage Repairs Still Needed

When the wind blow, old trees fall!  That’s exactly what happened at the homestead in February when a windstorm swept through Parma and surrounding suburbs taking down power lines and uprooting trees.

The homestead sustained some damage to the pig pen area, the chicken coop and a corner of the barn roof when one of two big trees in the barnyard decided to uproot and crash to the northwest and into the barnyard.

Thankfully none of our volunteers or our farm animals suffered any injury, however the chickens are not very happy with the condition of their chicken yard.  It’s a mess!  And we have to keep a watchful eye out for hawks, as our chickens are not easy pickins’ due to the roof fencing all torn up.

Thanks to the Parma City maintenance crew for a quick clean up to remove the fallen tree from the barnyard.

We still need some assistance to replace the wire fencing at the top of the chicken yard and need some new fence rail for the pig pen.

If anyone handy would like to help rebuild the chicken yard, give us a call –

we could use a few strong, capable hands!