Opening Day

The animals at Stearns are looking forward to seeing you all at opening day! We will have the Cleveland Mounted Police Department and the
Metroparks Mounted Ranger Department, complete with their horses, as guests for opening day! There is a parade scheduled for the afternoon at 1:30pm and afterwards the officers will be in the front pasture so everyone can visit with them and the police horses! We will have more opening day news soon, but mark your calendars so you don’t miss this fun event! The parade will begin at 1:30 at the Homestead and continue down Ridge Road to W. Ridgewood turn left and continue to Ames Road, turn left and continue to Day Drive, turn left and continue to Ridge Road and right turn back to the Homestead. We will have many horses in the parade, the Homestead Hoofers Youth Club and another guest: the Central Ohio K-9 Unit. All will be available at the Homestead front pasture after the parade ends. More News!!!!!— Want to bring back some memories? Remember when you used to go shopping at specialty hat shops for those spring bonnets instead of the department stores? Well join us at the Homestead for a display of bonnets from the past in the Gibbs House. They will be on display throughout the month of May as a special event- and while there take a tour of both the museums and learn more about the original settlers in the Parma area. Hope to see you soon!!

Also meet and greet our newest residents: Cinnamon, Starship, Starlite, Sadie, Patches, Cassie, Rayne and Radar!

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